CGI Photo Integration Program


If you plan to utilize manufacturer CGI stock imagery, such as VINReal or eVN images, it's important to note not all systems can handle multiple photo feeds! In some cases, syndication sources such as vAuto will accept photos from a single source, which poses a challenge if you need manufacturer images and actual photos to get to your website and third-party sites. 

Our CGI photo integration program addresses that challenge by offering a consolidated feed solution - we receive a direct feed from the manufacturer, and send a single feed containing CGI photos and actual photos to your syndication source. Learn more about our program benefits below!

How to handle two feeds to vAuto and other syndication sources


We've seamlessly integrated with leading manufacturers to import CGI stock photos directly into our system in order to export a consolidated feed to your syndication source. 

Hybrid Option

We can utilize the CGI-supplied images as a temporary placeholder while the unit is in transit or being PDI'd.  Once the vehicle is ready and images are captured, those actual images will overwrite the CGI images showing your customer the true unit online.  

If you decide to solely utilize CGI images for your new vehicles and actual photos are ever needed of certain units like custom-builds, commercial units with upfits, or simply that a potential customer would like to see additional images, the flow will already be in place. 

Seamless Flow + No Delays

With direct feeds from the manufacturer and to your syndication source, we've achieved a streamlined, efficient flow to ensure your images get to your website & 3rd party sites ASAP. If you're using a secondary source to combine the feeds and then exporting photos to your syndication source for distribution to all end sites, this can cause major delays. 

Combining new car manufacturer photos with used car photos into one feed

If your photos are taking too long to get to your website, your EVN or VINReel feed setup may look like this.


Money Saved

Our program saves dealers money! If you're using a secondary syndication source to consolidate the photo feeds, you'll likely pay another vendor hundreds for this service. No delays & money saved—it just makes sense! 

High-Resolution Images

With our program, we'll ensure all images are retained & exported at the highest resolution. When multiple sources are involved with photo syndication, images can be downgraded along the way. 

Notice the difference? 



Dealership Inventory Branding & Overlays

When importing images directly from the manufacturer, we can add your dealership's branded overlay to the first image. This unique feature ensures consistent branding across third-party sites.  

With our robust marketing module, we also have the ability to program any custom overlays or marketing images within the photosets.