Foto-Ops App

Dealership Inventory Photography App

Developed by our own team of dealership inventory photographers, the app manages the photo and spin capture process and is now available to dealers wishing to use their own photographer.

The app is currently supported by Apple, and a web version without guides is available for Android, or any computer.

Work smarter. Not harder. 

Photo & Spin Capture

We've been in the automotive photography industry for over a decade, so we understand how crucial is it to capture top-notch photos efficiently to ensure they get online as quickly as possible. That's why we developed the Foto-Ops app. Meticulously tested and honed to perfection, this app offers the most seamless photo & spin capture process.

360 Spins

Unlike most inventory photography apps, spins are captured within the Foto-Ops app and sent directly to the spin software you're using. This means you don't need to use a different app just to capture the exterior & interior 360 spins. Foto-Ops is the ultimate all-in-one solution. Learn more about 360 spins!

Background Replacement

Background replacement can be fully automated!

Choose to add background replacement to the first image or all exterior images for a clean, consistent look. 

Select from our background or baXspin options, or request a custom background. 


Bodystyle Specific Guides

Bodystyle guides are automated based on the inbound data & help the photographer to frame the vehicle perfectly at every angle. 

New Vehicle Library 

Why shoot identical vehicles multiple times when we can clone the images? Your photographer shoots one vehicle & our system will reuse the photos for identical models. Photos get online faster, we save your photographer time. Sounds like a win-win? That's because it is!  

Branding & Extras

Marketing Platform

Automated Overlays

Make your mark with branded overlays! 

Automate Carfax One-Owner, Certified logos & more!

Add a sneak peek “Coming Soon” style overlay specifically to your pre-recon vehicles!

Marketing Images

Insert custom marketing images within your photo sets to get a message in front of shoppers. Promote offers, highlight unique selling propositions, share details that set your dealership apart from the competition, and more! 

Appended Images

Personalize your photo sets further & increase your overall image count with appended dealership photos.

Custom Overlay Module Access

Highlight advanced features & options with our custom overlay module. 

Dealer, Dealer Group, or Manufacturer Specific Guides

Interested in completely customizing your photo order? Maybe your group or OEM has specific photo order requirements, or you're a General Motors dealer advertising on CarBravo. Different photo sequences can be programmed for new, pre-owned, certified, or by other filters based on inbound data. 

Shoot Order vs Display Order

Your photographer will shoot in the order that's most efficient, and our software will resort the photos in the desired order.

Recon IQ

Keep track of your incomplete vehicles as they go through the reconditioning process. Managers & photographers will have access to update the statuses of vehicles that are ready or not ready for photos; e.g., in service, awaiting detail, bodyshop, etc., which can be viewed on your Recon IQ report. Share this live link with anyone at the dealership! 

Photographers have the option to send managers an initial audit/review & completed services report. 


Photos are exported to all major data sources including vAuto, HomeNet, Max Digital/FirstLook, and many more. In need of syndication services? We've got your back! We'll export photos & data to your website and 3rd party sites. 

Keeping Organized

Walk the lot in an efficient manner, to be certain every car that's ready for photos gets shot!

Time Card/Pay